Beach/Pool/Lake Checklist with Kids

Summer is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you are looking forward to spending some hot summer days swimming with the kids! Whether you are headed to the beach, pool, or lake, I have rounded up some of my must-haves for spending a day in the water!

When swimming, two words come to mind...Safety and simplicity! We all know how important it is to stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays, especially for our children. But what we often forget if that less is more when it comes to water! We don’t need to overpack and haul half our houses to the beach to entertain our kids. The water itself and a few simple beach/water toys are all you need to have fun! Children will use their imaginations when they are not overwhelmed with choices and options.  Digging, scooping and pouring, and splashing are the perfect recipe for a fun day in the sun!

The most important thing is spending quality time together, making memories, and escaping the norm. Feel the sand between your toes, collect those seashells, and do that canon ball! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to take pictures! 

1. Baby Powder - A simple beach hack that will get all that hard to remove sand off before heading for home.  Simply sprinkle baby powder on your sandy skin and it will effortlessly come off!

2. Badger sunscreen - Reef safe, organic, clear mineral sunscreen is the perfect formula to protect all skin types. 

3. Mesh beach tote - Easy to carry, backpack style beach tote.  When you are ready to leave, pack up the toys, shake the sand out of the mesh tote, and be on your way! 

4. Umbrella - Shelter your family from the wind, rain, and sun with this oversized umbrella.  Perfect for the beach, camping, park, or any outdoor event. 

5. Beach wagon - Load up to 150 lbs. in this lightweight, foldable wagon.  Carry everything from chairs, coolers, toys, and even your kids! 

6. Goggles - Indoor/outdoor, easy to adjust goggles for kids.  These are goggles that your kid will love wearing because they keep the water out and have a cute fish design! Bonus that they come as a two pack! 

7. Waterproof bluetooth speaker - This JBL waterproof and portable speaker lets you bring the dance party where ever your adventures take you! It is all-weather safe so you can enjoy music at the beach, pool, or lake. 

8. Bodyboard - Ride the waves with this lightweight bodyboard, complete with leash and wrist rope for safety and stability.  Fun for the whole family!

9. Beach toys - Everything you need to build, dig, and play in the sand.  All toys conveniently fits inside the basket for easy clean up and transporting!

10. Seashell bags - This three pack of mini totes are perfect for the kids to collect seashells, sand dollars, shark teeth, and more!  They have adjustable straps to fit all sizes and zip closed to keep all those treasures safe! Also great for storing snacks, small toys, sunglasses, or goggles. 

11. Underwater camera - This waterproof Polaroid camera takes beautiful HD photos and 4K videos underwater!  It features a bright flash that allows you to take vivid shots in dim-lighting.  It is wi-fi enabled and has a rechargeable battery. 

12. Personalized beach towel - Lightweight and soft, perfect for your kids to use after swimming.  Six different towel colors and endless options for personalization.  Your children will love having that special towel that is made "just for them!"

13. Puddle Jumper covers - Puddle jumpers keep those little ones afloat before they are able to swim on their own.  These adorable covers will add a little character and make swim time even more fun! So many options for boys and girls!