Christmas Gifts for Little Boys

I start thinking about Christmas in the fall- the holidays are the busiest time of year for many small businesses and I can't imagine trying to finish Christmas shopping on top of everything else! 

I try to follow a theme of: one "big" gift from Santa, a few smaller gifts from Santa and us, and stocking stuffers (which happen to be my favorite!). To clarify, not everything shown are items that he's getting. Some of them he's getting and others are on an Amazon wish list that we send to grandparents.

Here are some ideas for your 5-10 year boys! 

Kindergarten Boys Christmas Gift Ideas

Gumball Machine Maker

This is actually a toy that my son circled in the Amazon Catalog aka the Christmas Bible. He loves building and he loves gum so this is sure to be a winning gift!


Perfect for your craft lover! These are fun, screen-free and Mario themed.

K'Nex Battle Bow Build & Blast Set

A classic gift for little boys!

Electronic Snap Circuits

A great STEM gift. Our 6 year old is just starting to be interested in gears, electronics, etc. I know he will love this one!


Another fun STEM gift. A gravity based spin on a traditional marble run!

Monopoly Jr

A fun gift to be used on family game nights! This age group is starting to understand money so it's a great age to introduce Monopoly

Bop It

This was one of my favorite toys when I was a kid! I can't wait to give this to my son. I know he'll get a kick out of it.

Personalized Sweatshirt

Is there a better time of year to gift an adorable, monogrammed, cozy sweatshirt? This is the perfect gift to wear back to school after Christmas break!

Klutz Paper Airplane Book

I had a good collection of Klutz books growing up- I'm pretty sure one of those books taught me how to french braid my hair. My 6 year old is VERY into paper airplanes right now so he'll absolutely love this

Nintendo Switch

Okay so while this is technically his "big gift", it's also a family gift since it will be in the living room and everyone can play with it. But I know he'll get a thrill out of it! 

Lets Go Pikachu

I'm positive that this is the only Switch game he'll care about since he's Pokemon- obsessed! I've heard from many people that this game is great for little kids who are new readers.


There you have it! I still have to do stocking stuffers but those are the "main" gifts that he's getting (or ideas that are being sent to grandparents/family members!). Happy Shopping!